Free Range Beef 

We raise black angus cattle.  We have 7 designated pastures that the animals have access to, as well as feeder corrals. No steroids or artificial additives are used to enhance livestock growth. Livestock is free roaming permitting exercise and low stress. Livestock is grass fed during the summer and fed barley, hay and oats for 100+ days to finish meat prior to slaughter. Purchase price will be based on hanging weight, grade, cut and wrap. Please contact for firm pricing.


Beef available by the quarter, half or whole.




You tell us how you want your beef prepared by specifying cuts, steak thickness, package size, what to grind, ground beef to be vacuum packed, etc.  We use Pure Country Meats in Strathmore as our abattoir.


Approximate yield on a 1200 lb steer is 40% yield of meat or 500 lbs of packaged meat.


The chart below explains the approximate weight of packaged meat and the type of cuts you would get from your desired purchase.


Suggested Storage Times - Raw Meat



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